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Getting married is more than just walking down the aisle. It is announcing to the world that you are a team and ready to step into life as a couple; two hearts united on a journey through life together.

There are few moments in life that will be as large a milestone as your wedding day. It takes planning, coordinating, and lots of decision making to create one amazing, superbly perfect day. And nothing will commemorate and capture every detail like professional wedding photography.

Choosing which photographer to invest in is an important decision that we don’t take lightly. We understand that capturing the┬ábeautiful details and fleeting moments of your wedding is larger than the venue. It’s larger than the rings. It’s larger than the dress. It’s even larger than the camera being used. It is about reliving the first time you see your fiance on this auspicious day. It is about capturing the first dance. It is about remembering the tears of joy, toasts and well wishes offered to you by the most significant people in your life. It is about creating heirlooms that can be passed down for generations to come.

Why do we emphasize the importance of professional photography so much? Because when the band has played it’s last song; When the last piece of cake is gone; When the last guest has said goodnight — What do you have left? Only every photo that celebrated every single moment.

It is our passion to capture every amazing, unforgettable moment from your wedding day. To have our images displayed in your home is nothing less than an honor. We hope you find everything that you’re looking for and more – with us!

Congratulations and warmest wishes,
Terri and Genesis