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Photo Tips


Our main goal is to make sure you get the most out of your wedding photos. Much like our F.A.Q. section, we have derived a list of tips on common situations:

Trendy Photography
Sometimes we all fall for something trendy in photography. It is critical that these images stand the test of time and are valued for each following generation. Trends are fun but rarely last! Choose a classic photo style to ensure your photos are truly TIMELESS.

The best thing to do is relax and be yourself. Be in the moment. Be hopelessly in love with each other — the pictures will turn out amazing!

Tips for the Groom
So you’ve got your hair and make-up artist booked to make you as super-humanly gorgeous as possible for photos worthy of the cover of a magazine, right? But what about the groom? He HAS to do SOMETHING doesn’t he? Yes! Although getting a hair and make-up person for the groom might not go over so well – there are a couple of things he can do to make himself oh so beautiful too! Have your favorite man utilize hand moisturizer for those close up ring/hand holding shots. Also, chapstick or some sort of lip balm is always a “must” to make sure the lips stay in the best possible condition. Men have it so easy don’t they?

Booking Far Enough in Advance
Photographers typically book a year or more in advance. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out your date has already been booked. Once you’ve made a decision, don’t hesitate to book immediately.

Choosing a Photographer You Connect With
Your wedding day is very intimate. So many times we’ve heard of friends who booked photographers they didn’t particularly “mesh” with. Make sure you choose a photographer you like the personality of and want to spend the day with. Your photographer is the one person that you will be around the MOST. If you’re not enjoying the company of your photographer, this will be evident in your photographs.

Guests and Photographers Taking Photos at the Same Time
Occasionally there are guests that show up with semi-pro cameras and takes “unofficial” wedding photos along side the hired photographer.  As lovers of photos, we understand why everyone wants to take your gorgeous pictures! However, this can sometimes obstruct the photography process because of the multiple flashes being triggered simultaneously which in return interferes with the lighting. Explain to your guest that once we have our shots, they can snap away to their heart’s content. After all, they should be enjoying your wedding day without feeling like they’re working it!

Having a 2nd Photographer
Sometimes it’s hard to understand the significance of having a second photographer, but consider this: The second photographer offers another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would not have had photographed. Also, let’s face it- there’s a lot going on! It’s impossible to expect a single photographer to be in multiple places at once. We shoot as a team in order to ensure you get the most comprehensive coverage of your wedding. Every moment missed is a moment lost in time.

Trying to Make Things “Perfect”
Just have fun — whether it’s getting a little cake on your face or some other detail that didn’t turn out 100 percent like you had hoped. Go with it. Have fun, and keep smiling.

Skipping the “First Look”
Although we are fans of tradition, we have noticed a significant difference in the amount of couples portraits captured with/without the “First Look”.  A “First Look” [aka taking your couple photos before the ceremony] is more time effective than trying to rush your portraits after the ceremony — especially if your ceremony ran a little late (which most do). You end up trying to hurry to get to the reception. We’ve observed that couples choosing the “First Look” walk away with almost double the amount of portraits. If you’re open to the non-traditional aspect of seeing each other before the ceremony, then it is something we highly recommend.

The Details
Think about spending a few minutes to decide what other elements are important to photograph — did your sister make special wedding favors? Are you carrying important heirlooms with you? Bring an extra invitation, and try to keep those special elements easily accessible for photos.